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What is KARATE?

            The art of weaponless self-defense from which a student may 
      acquire confidence and physical expertise, while having fun, there 
      is neither intimidation nor hostility. It consist the techniques 
      of blocking, thwarting, and counter attacking by either punching, 
      kicking.It is not for offense but for defense only.

            At present, Karate is widely known as a sports, as a self-defense 
      method and as a health building system, but it is still fundamentally 
      a martial arts. Much emphasis is place on Kata (Blocking, Kicking 
      and Punching techniques). The learning of which is necessary for 
      promotion to higher rank.

             KATA "The Heart of the Art"

            Katas are specific patterns of movements, which combine 
      of various techniques of defense and offense in a rhythmic sequence. 
      They are the foundations from which a student may learn or assemble 
      concentration, power, speed, balance, and control. Usually Kata 
      is performed solo but after achieving reasonable skills the students 
      may apply with three or four partners or synchronize kata with 

            Another training method is prearrange sparring (kumite) that 
      enhances timing, reflexes and throwing skills. At the more advance 
      level, students engaged in a carefully monitored and regulated free 
      sparring with emphasis on control as well as respect for, learning 
      from, and helping each other.

            Karate Bowing (rei) 

            In Karate Dojo, Bowing is an act of submission to the training 
       that is taking place, is a sign of courtesy; it indicates humility or 
       lack of arrogance. Bowing to Sensie or Sempai is a sign not of worship 
       but of gratitute, it is an act of mutuality. An important point to 
       remember is that "do not look your parter in the eyes during bowing 
       action, this could be interpreted to indicate mistrust."

            Karate is not just the cultivation of power and speed but also it 
       can give the practioner the ability to walk without fear. Once a student 
       practice it seriously and regularly he/she will not only learned the 
       strikes and techniques but also on how to meditate or reflect his/her 
       outlooks in life. It is not meant to superiority towards his fellowmen but 
       rather, it is a way of life.

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