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The Author

Hello everyone! Thank you for coming and browsing in here, in my website. I surely garantee that you got your questions answered. By the way, my name is Earl Randy Pomarijos. I am the maker of this website. To let you know more about me, here's my story. I've been in the club for quite some time now. First and for most i entered the club because when i was in first grade my classmates kept on teasing me and bullying me. I was so small before and i don't have enough confidence to face them. My mom decided to let me study karate. I've studied for 15 years now and karate really helped me a lot with my dicipline and self esteem. So common now and join, study karate and be whoever you want to be...
You'll never regret. You'll learn a lot of stuff to help you out with your daily activities. You will be what you dreamed of...


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